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The Coin Laundry Services seem to be very simple and can meet the basic needs of customers, but it is not easy to operate as it involve many technical operation.

Choosing the right machine brand can determine the success or failure of Coin Laundry Services, which is why washing machine Speed Queen are a reliable brand choice.

Let’s have a look at those factors so that you can make the right choice.

100 years. It’s a long time for any company to be at the forefront of an industry. For more than a century, washing machine Speed Queen has built a legacy on providing equipment that stands up to any commercial laundry challenge.Washing machine Speed Queen are built specially for the commercial environment, their world-class test lab rigorously allows them to create efficient and reliable commercial-quality machines you can trust in the field.

The Strength of Speed Queen Washer Extractor

  • Advanced Inverter Drive– this proprietary technology provides smooth, reliable power which saving you 33% on electricity versus previous models.
  • Patented Sump System Design– uses 11% less water while maximizing cleaning power.
  • Faster Extraction Speed– up to 200 G-Force extraction removes more water, leading to shorter dry times and lower energy bills.
  • Leak Detection– patented water guardian saves water by detecting slow or leaking fill-valves and drains.
  • Stronger Frame– computer-optimized plate steel frame is lighter, lasts longer, and balances loads more efficiently, making it easier to install.
  • Quiet Performance– stronger frame is designed to reduce sound and vibration levels.

The Strength of Speed Queen Stacked Tumbler Dryer

  • Large, easy-to-clean lint compartment
  • Fewer moving parts mean fewer maintenance problems and less wear
  • High performance heater box increases energy efficiency, reduces drying times and provides a more comfortable operating environment
  • Axial airflow pattern with sealed cylinder rims delivers the fastest and most efficient drying results
  • Two drying pockets in the space of one unit help stores increase drying capacity
  • Single gas, electric and exhaust hook-ups simplify installation and are less expensive than installing twice the number of single units
  • Quantum® gives you complete laundry control to maximize profitability

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