Front Load Washers

Our revolutionary vended commercial front load washers offer everything you never knew you could get from a laundry machine, including state-of-the-art balancing technology, an incredible 440 G-Force final spin and even greater efficiency.

Available in 21.5 lb capacity.

  • Revolutionary balancing technology automatically redistributes even the most unbalanced loads for consistent cycle times, minimized vibration and reduced noise
  • Durably designed to deliver long-lasting performance with features like a rugged suspension system, stainless steel washtub and outer drain, and premium metal components
  • 20% larger, 3.42 cu. ft. washtub
  • Larger capacity washtub only uses 6% more water for improved efficiency without sacrificing performance, increasing customer satisfaction and lowering utility bills
  • Industry-leading 440 G-Force final spin removes more moisture from each load, helping to minimize dry times
  • Large 15.5″ diameter door opening and 180° door swing help customers quickly load and unload the machine
  • Redesigned 4-compartment soap dispenser offers compartments for pre-wash detergent, wash detergent, bleach and fabric softener
  • Four times more dispenser flushing and siphoning delivers superior cleaning of the dispenser
  • Equipped with Quantum® controls with advanced features for a modern, customizable laundry experience

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