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Easy lifestyle with New Alliance advance technology laundry machine.

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Come to Taman Pendamar Indah 2, Klang to experience the power of the machine. *Compatible…

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Welcome to the new LaundryHub outlet in Taman Kota Pendamar, Klang!

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Quality life with LaundryHub. We're thrilled to support the neighborhood with our state-of-the-art facilities, FREE…

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A new LaundryHub grand opening in Taman Sepekan, Pahang

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Welcome to the new LaundryHub outlet in Taman Sepekan Jaya! We're thrilled to suds up…

Maintenance and Repair

Our technical team and spare parts are ready for any machines break down. Besides that, we will arrange fast spare parts delivery to maintain your laundry in good condition and minimize the losses.

After sales Services

We will give customer a peace of mind in terms of warranties and support. We will provide one stop service from chemical distribution to maintenance support


Start your own coin operated laundry business today! Contact us now!

Laundry Hub is established on September 2015 and we have more than 150 branches through out 8 states in Peninsular Malaysia.

We Provide Profesional Services

Want proof of dependability before you buy your new washer and dryer, Then go to Laundry Hub coin operated laundry. Try these automated washer and dryer , see how clean they wash and dry, how simple to operate.




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Laundry Hub

Laundry Hub is a Self Service Laundry Franchise in Malaysia that assist individuals set up coin laundry services to facilitate household cleaning of clothes. In addition to providing commercial laundry equipment, we are also one stop center to assist you in your initial laundry business setup. We are creating a comfortable atmosphere for every consumer, and we are committed to making self service laundry near me(coin laundry) the first choice for people to spend their family time and complete their laundry at the same time. Elevate your Dobi franchise Malaysia with our reliable equipment.

Why Join Laundry Hub while Setting up a Self Service Dobi

In the new technology era where everything is moving fast, laundry remains the most basic of human necessities. Coin Laundry Business is currently one of the highest demand business investments domestically or internationally. Invest in Laundry Hub enables you to get benefits from several things. Not only it average of ROI (Return of Investment) between 40% – 50%, with advantages of relatively Low Start-Up costs, Coin Laundry Business offer a superior investment opportunity and High Success Rate. By combining the basic necessities with technology, we provide them with reliable machinery to help them make their laundry easier. As what we keep stressing out, clean clothes are a necessity not a luxury. Thus, most people are moving towards Self Service Laundry no matter how bad the economy is because of the convenience and time saving. One of the appealing points to invest in Laundry Business is less risk, as your customer do the job and pay upfront by CASH. The Coin laundry Malaysia Business also allows uncommon flexibility. With machine capable of running 24/7, your customer can have very flexible time to do their laundry. They don’t even have to worry about night time or bad weather to dry the clothes, machine already takes care of those things for them.

We offer Free Consultation and Training

Don’t worry if you have Zero knowledge about Self Service Laundry Industry. By investing in Laundry Hub, we provide one-stop Self Service Laundry set up solution, consultation, guidance and appropriate training on Coin laundry Malaysia (Coin laundry business) for investors to maximize the Return of Investment(ROI). Moreover, we will give investors a peace of mind in terms of machinery warranties and technical support.

Low-Cost Dobi franchise Malaysia Opportunity

This is the Self Service Laundry Malaysia with low start-up costs, No Monthly Loyalty Fees and No Monthly Commitment Fees. With the factors above, we can ensure that all your investments are safe and your laundry business will get a considerable return with average 40% – to 50% net profit.

In the past few years, we have been assisting investors to establish more than one hundred self-service laundry outlets throughout Malaysia by supplying laundry machinery and equipment. The best part is we do share our laundry concept and laundry equipment with Brunei investor and assist them to set-up multiple branches in their own country.

We are proud of our business model, equipment quality and machine ease of use, which makes us unique. We believe that customer trust and satisfaction are the most important factors for our successful business and for your Self Service Dobi franchise.

Want to become the Best Washing and Laundry Cleaning Service in Malaysia:

Our laundry equipment has technology that allows the machine to run continuously at 24/7 with minimum efforts on maintenance. This allows your customers to do their laundry in a Self service laundry near me anytime, anywhere. That also means that your business is making money nonstop, even while you are sleeping soundly on your bed or running other activities.

The Laundry Hub brand is very common in Malaysia, so before making an appointment with our Sales Director and establishing the best coin laundry business in Malaysia, just search for our self-service laundry near me to understand the reliability of the laundry machine.